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2 years ago

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I recently discovered this website. I am absolutely sure about everything I've read. I, 34 years old lady, I was very alone in my desire to secRT stunned thought. I, I am not especially when you can start when I was young, I have not had any sexual experience, I was very shy. Reading in my room one night I realized that the man next door in the shed, the door opened just a little. At first I thought I was imagining I was completely naked, I do not know if he could see realized. I I n, nt know what he tubepornsearch was doing, I had never seen a man masturbate, could, nt take my eyes off the thing standing between her legs and rubbed his hand up and down with force. That is, nt a long time, what I know now is straw out. This happens in many cases, sometimes the door open shed, which was at that moment that I like with my fingers while I watched, it began, I started looking forward to it. Then one day it was even stranger in the garden, he had gone I felta bit devastated. I made two had sex with other men, his willy in me nothing to me, I'd rather see them masturbate with. in my fantasy I always imagine when I pulled the suit in a picnic area to the bathroom, which was in his shed chap there with the exception of a tubepornsearch car. I went with the ladies, was a very old place is empty, while sitting on the toilet I suddenly had the feeling I was being watched, tubepornsearch I looked around and discovered a small hole in the wall behind me. A little scary that I realized it was the men's tubepornsearch room next door. me, nt sure what to do if someone was looking through them I have been lifting my skirt and get off her panties. Somehow amazing, maybe because I did, nt more than a week, I felt a familiar tingling in my legs, I was shaking. I slid my panties to her ankles, I opened my skirt and slid it under me, I was naked from the waist down. I opened my shirtand. I was breathing tubepornsearch hard I knew I was tubepornsearch being watched. Although I was terrified, I could nt stop listening to me, I left my skirt and panties my legs apart and feet. I'm inclined to meet my clothes, I was totally in the wall of my pussy hole in the back. I have set out to pick up the hole and bend back to my clothes, my underwear that were in sight. I wanted, but I dare, nt put my fingers in my pussy. me, nt sure what the noise was at first, but then I saw a piece of paper rolled up to tubepornsearch get through the hole, which was a real dilemma, I was out of there quickly. Instead he went through and read it. " I loved what I saw, has a beautiful body, you're gay I am, looking through the hole made. " Like I nt sure what to do, I felt a little nervous impression. I my eyes to the hole, I could nt see all of it, but I saw that cover his hands slowly up and down his swollen cock and expose the deep pinkThe head with each stroke. was like the guy in the shed again just instinctively close my fingers penetrated deep into my vagina I orgasm almost immediately. He continued to masturbate with a beating faster, I could only see his balls moving gently with the movement of your hand. tubepornsearch then stopped the ass turned to me, why me. I soon realized that someone tubepornsearch else had done. I was looking forward to seeing more surprised, I quickly realized that the hand had to wank now, was his nt. A note on the hole again, "No, sa free booth next to us with a big hole that d like you to come see us, won t play. " I knew I should, nt, but somehow I found my clothes and run almost toilet in men. A booth was closed the other open, went in and closed the door, my heart was racing so I'm doing. This is a hole in the wall of the hiss of a football was, I tubepornsearch immediately noticed two pairs of bare legs and thighs. A face came to the hole and smiled, said nothing. I
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